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Brand Details
Brand4inida Alpha Drives
1/1, VKK Menon Road, Venkittapuram, Coimbatore-641025, Tamil Nadu, India
About the Company:
Alpha Drives is the leader in India in the field of Power Take Offs for Mobile Hydraulic applications with long term relationships with major truck hydraulic manufacturers. Alpha Drives serves major commercial vehicle manufacturers by designing and developing PTOs for their Commercial vehicles.We are Specialized in the Design & Manufacture of Transmission mounted PTOs for Trucks. We have the widest range of PTOs for Indian made commercial vehicles. Our PTOs are suitable for fitment of a variety of pumps such as SAE 4 hole mounting with DIN 5462 Spline shaft, ISO 3 hole mounting pump. Adaptors are available for other pumps such as SAE 2 hole mounting.
Branded Products:

Transmission mounted Power Take Off
Gear Box

Contact Details:
Contact Person : Suresh Williams
Phone Number : 91 422 4202 951/952
Mobile Number : 9994588849
Email Address :
Country : India
State : Tamil Nadu
City : Coimbatore

Brand Registration Details
Constitution : Proprietory
Clasification of Company : Large
Factory Address :
Name of Proprietor / Partners /
Managing Directors
: Suresh Williams
Website :
SSI Registration No :
Year of Commencement of Business :
Nature of Industry : Manufacturing
Products Manufactured : Gear Box
Transmission mounted Power Take Off
List of Major Customers :
Are you an Exporter : Yes
If Yes, Countries Exported : U.S.A
List of Quality Certificates Obtained : ISO 9001
Agency :

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