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Brand Details
Brand4inida S.P Tools Company
153, Narayan Dhuru Street, 1st Floor, R. No. 4, Mumbai - 400003, Maharashtra, India
About the Company:
Sptools is supplying wide range of hi-quality tools include Precision Measuring Instruments for metrology, Metal Cutting Tools, Tool Room accessories like Surface Plates, Garage Tools such as Torque-wrenches, Socket Sets, etc. of renowned brands from all over the world. Also, because of our vast experience and readily available resource; we are geared up to supply special tools too, as per the drawings and specifications of clients.
Branded Products:

Tool Room Accessories
Precision Measuring Instruments
Metal Cutting Tools
Garage Tools

Contact Details:
Contact Person : Puneet
Phone Number : 022 - 2341 5664
Mobile Number : 097695 17144, 093225 34290
Email Address :
Country : India
State : Maharashtra
City : Mumbai

Brand Registration Details
Constitution : Partnership
Clasification of Company : Medium
Factory Address :
Name of Proprietor / Partners /
Managing Directors
: Puneet
Website :
SSI Registration No :
Year of Commencement of Business :
Nature of Industry : Trading
Products Manufactured : Garage Tools
Metal Cutting Tools
Precision Measuring Instruments
Tool Room Accessories
List of Major Customers : GEI Hamon Industries, Bhopal, United Engineering Industries, Bhopal
Are you an Exporter : No
If Yes, Countries Exported :
List of Quality Certificates Obtained :
Agency :

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