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Brand Details
Brand4inida Shree Yanthra Equipments
15/27 Mahalakshmi Kovil Street, Masakalipalayam-Uppilipalayam(po), Coimbatore-641 015, Tamil Nadu, India
About the Company:
Shree Yanthra Equipments provides multi divisional air compressor solutions while successfully competing in today's business world demands, where quality solutions will serve your needs for today and tomorrow. Shree Yanthra believes in Business-Friendly solutions that are crucial to the success of any Enterprise, which will eventually increase productivity.Yanthra manufactures a complete range of reciprocating air compressor, and co-products for various applications in diverse industries.
Branded Products:

Heat Exchangers
Automatic Drain Valves
Air Receivers
Air Filters
Air Driers
Air Compressors

Contact Details:
Contact Person : Chellapan
Phone Number : 0422-2596254
Mobile Number : 98431 77146, 9843296254
Email Address :,,
Country : India
State : Tamil Nadu
City : Coimbatore

Brand Registration Details
Constitution : Partnership
Clasification of Company : Medium
Factory Address :
Name of Proprietor / Partners /
Managing Directors
: Chellapan
Website :
SSI Registration No :
Year of Commencement of Business :
Nature of Industry : Manufacturing
Products Manufactured : Air Compressors
Air Driers
Air Filters
Air Receivers
Automatic Drain Valves
Heat Exchangers
List of Major Customers :
Are you an Exporter : Yes
If Yes, Countries Exported :
List of Quality Certificates Obtained : ISO 9001:2008
Agency :

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