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Terms Of Service

1. promotes, encourages, and generates business leads and helps businessmen to obtain business leads. This leads generation is being done using the proprietory methods employed by "Nissi" through its experience since 2002. This branding and business generation  Agreement (the "Agreement") is made  on the day the day customer paid for this service which is deemed as acceptance of all the following terms and made  effective from  the same date (the "Effective Date") by and between Nissi Infotech private Limited, here in called  ("Nissi"), (NIPL) (, (B4i) and  the "customer"  herein called the (b4i-user).

2. Some definitions:

  • Leads means the business enquiry posted by visitors or B4i-Users in "nissi" owned portals/ or "brand pages" or the portals owned by Nissi Infotech Private Limited group.
  • "Brand & leads promotion agreement" means the agreement made between  B4i-user and for generating business leads  and providing business leads to B4i-User by
  • Brand-page means a page designed and hosted in as http://product/service name. or www. /product/service name.
  • Promotion means the proprietary legal method of popularizing the sub-page of B4i-User hosted in on internet and other legal new methods invented and researched by Nissi from time to time to the best knowledge of
  • Bonus leads means the extra leads provided to B4i-Users more than what is committed in  the "leads promotion agreement".
  • Nissi Infotech Private Limited or nissi or NIPL  means the  parent company of

3. branding listing /leads promotion

  • Exclusive B4i-Brand-page.:- To ensure better lead generation for B4i-User, (in case B4i-User is having his own website) the website content of B4i-User will be hosted  in in the exclusive B4i-Brand-page.
  • In case B4i-User does not have a website, the content from B4i-User will be collected and the  B4i-Brand-page (eg or service name) will be created.
  • B4i-User authorizes to take content:- In case of B4i-Users  whose websites are already registered and running , to start their branding , will always request for a new content from the B4i-User for the branding at  However in case the B4i-User having their websites up and running , B4i-User hereby authorizes the content to be taken from their website and hosted in the B4i Brandpage website hosted for lead generation. B4i-User accepts to regularly check if the content in the B4i-Brand-pages are updated and the products/services mentioned in the B4i-Brand-pages  are being serviced and provided  by B4i-User  to his/her clients.
  • The B4i-Brand-pages property of brand4india.The B4i-Brand-pages are being developed and designed free of charge by for promotion and branding of B4i-User within India and globally. It will be done as per the proprietary technology developed in house at hence the B4i-Brand-pages will be always the property of only. In case B4i-User is discontinuing the services of the name of B4i-User and specific content related to his business will be removed from the B4i-Brandpages.
  • The "terms of service" agrement" will be ammended and updated from time to time. The updated terms will be notified in only from time to time eventhough in some cases the "terms of service"  contract " has been sgned in the hard copy contracts in personal meetings. In case the new terms are not acceptable to "customers" ,the users are requested to stop the usage of

4. Brandpage exlusive property of The "brandpage" will be the exclusive property of www.brand4india.comand reserves the right, without prior notice, terminate temporarily or permanently the access to the page, access to business leads in all cases but not limited to :-

  • Non payment of dues - non renewal of contract singed with
  • Unlawful activities
  • Sale of banned items.
  • Gaining access to other "B4i users" account.
  • Spaming the website.
  • Posting false information about services and products for buy or sell
  • Posting false information about company and product and services
  • Posting and selling/buying  products and services without permission from lawfull owners
  • The B4i users  breach any provisions of the terms and conditions of "terms of service" agreement.

5. B4i-Brand-pages on pre-developed templates:-The B4i-Brand-pages will be designed and hosted in by using pre-developed templates only. The design and layout will be as fixed and developed as per the rules of seo promotion and customers design preference will not be included in the B4i-Brand-pages.

6. Free B4i-Brand-pages:- The development charges of the sub-pages to be hosted in for promotion ,branding and lead generation will be done free for all  contracts even if they are paid on quarterly basis.  The B4i-Brand-pages will be developed in relation to the plan signed and the corresponding keywords only.  Customer agrees to give only the content that is related to the keyword only.

7. New B4i-Brand-page with new content:- For all additional keywords promotion, new B4i-Brand-page with new content related to the keyword has to be added and new payment  plan has to be signed and upgraded.

8. Legal registrations not included:- branding  and brand listing does not include the legal registrations and copy rights that are necessary for legal protection of the brands. All those should be done by customer himself and such activities are not included in the plans.


  • Leads will be given to B4i-User as per the minimum commitment done in the invoice only.
  • B4i-User needs more leads, in a month,  the plan has to be upgraded for the additional number of leads required by B4i-User.
  • Bonus leads :- does not control the flow of enquiries /leads. In some cases when B4i-User is receiving more than the minimum committed leads per month, such leads will be treated as bonus leads. However bonus leads may stop anytime. In  case of B4i-Users require  much higher flow of leads on regular basis, B4i-User accepts to upgrade the "brand & leads promotion agreement"
  • If the number of minimum enquiries committed if not sent to B4i-Users in the first few months, the total number of enquiries will be achieved by the end of 12 months period.
  • Genuineness of leads:- While all care will be taken to promote the B4i-User sites in genuine business circles, and generate genuine business leads, does not guarantee the genuinety  of the leads received via the promotion of B4i-Users are requested to take all precautions before getting into the major deals with the leads.
  • In case of B4i combo offers, there will be no min or maximum leads commitment. The combo offers are designed for more coverage of cities with product & services branding only.
  • In all combo offers the listings in network of yellowpages will be provided as per the plan.

10. In case of b4i-corporate promotion plans, the promotion to promote the sites hosted in other hosting  from the plans 4-6 (plan 30,15 and 7) only. For the plans 1,2 and 3 (240,60 and 30, ) the sites have to be hosted in only.

11. B4i corporate branding plan  B4i-Users can expect good placements for several keywords in 60 days  time. except in case the  keywords are too competitive. (days calculated once the optimization work is over - which will depend on the size of the site).

12. The enquiries/leads and traffic to B4i-Users B4i-Brand-pages  will be routed to B4i-User via many other nissi owned other portals present owned and added in future by Also the leads and traffic to B4i-User will be routed if feels  if its beneficial to B4i-Users Payments can be paid through /online transfer/cheque/dd in favour of Nissi Infotech Private Limited.

13. Discounts are allowed for 6 months and 12 month contracts for advance payments only.

14. All taxes other than service tax will be charged extra.

15. Renewals for the contracts have to be done 1 month in advance for all contracts.

16. Non renewal of plans on time :- reserves the right to stop leads & remove the brand listing from temporally or permanently in following cases

  • Non renewal of plans on time.
  • Non receipt of payment on time.
  • Business is banned by govt authorities for illegal activities.

17. Renewals for the contracts have to be done 1 month in advance for all contracts.

18. All taxes other than service tax will be charged extra.

19. reserves the right not to renew or accept a business for branding and promotion without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

20. will promote and brand only the sub-page hosted in

21. will accept branding in for any products & any services except illegal and banned services and products by sovereign governments.

22.  reserves the right not to accept the "lead promotion" for some specific services and products which will be notified to B4i-Users from time to time.

Brand listing:@

23. Exclusive branding:- In case B4i-Users  require brand listing alone - without the lead generation plans , they can opt for the same based on the separate prices and get their companies listed in the BRAND LIST.

24. For all additional branding of company in in additional city or states, additional charges will be applicable.

25. Date of contract will start from the date of payment collected in account.

26. The first payment of B4i-User to will be deemed as acceptance of the terms of and its services by our B4i-Users.

27. B4i- terms of service is subject to change from time to time. B4i-users agree to abide by the new terms of service.


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